Historical Reproduction Maps

The Map Shop has a large collection of popular historical map reproductions. Decorate with historical maps to add class to your spaces or use them to illustrate and add context to your favorites times throughout history. See how the styles of the maps change from the 15th-20th centuries through developments in geography and cartography as well as changes in printing technologies. Some maps are very colorful while others have subtle and faded tones. Buy a map of Africa in 1665, or a modern pilgrim’s map of the British Isles, or a railway map of Los Angeles in 1906, or a map of American Southeast in 1606 – the options are endless! For enthusiasts of historical wars, we included several fascinating battle maps from the Civil War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and more. We offer mounting and framing for your map, so it will arrive at your door ready to hang. If you need help finding a historical map, click here to contact us, we’re here to help.