Its election season, and the Map Shop is here to make sure you have the most accurate and up-to-date election maps for 2022. Whether you are looking to map a single district in a particular state – or if you want to map every district in all the states; we have you covered! Map your votes with a Map Shop 2022 Congressional district map. We have everything you need to plan or follow your next political campaign.

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Congressional district maps are perfect for: running  your political campaign, district planning, and tracking polling trends across the states. Our Congressional District 2022 maps are current, easy to read, and printed in-partisan colors. Need to learn more about what Congressional District Maps are? We have you covered there as well! Check out our Blog Post that talks about what these maps are useful for HERE

State Districts

Some states only have one (1) district and do not have a map below: Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Delaware.

United States Congressional Districts

We developed this United States Congressional Districts Wall Map in-house so we’d have complete control over the cartography and design of the map. The result is a map that is as much fine art as it is a geographic reference with the most up to date Congressional District boundaries on the market. This map is for the newly created districts implemented in 2022 based on the 2020 Census data. 

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Our Planners

Want to track the election but don’t need state specific districts, we have products for you as well!

United States Territory Planners

Plan out your political journey or track elections with our blank US Wall Map and Territory planners! With minimal information included, these can really be used for anything that you may need! 

Get these maps laminated so you and write, erase, and write again with ease and simplicity! 

Regional Planners

Looking to watch a region of the U.S. and track political leaning across multiple states? We have regional territory planners that will help you! 

Southeast U.S.
Northeast U.S.
North Carolina & South Carolina
North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia 
North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia
State Planners

Check out our limited selection of individual state planners. Each includes an index of the counties and cities for each state! 

Arizona Nevada Pennsylvania
California New Hampshire South Carolina
Florida New Jersey Tennessee
Georgia New York Texas
Illinois North Carolina Virginia
Maine Ohio Washington
Michigan Oklahoma West Virginia