Continent Maps

The Map Shop is proud to have the largest selection of continent wall maps on the internet. We have a number of different styles based on your preferences. Some continent maps have an antique style with subtle earth tones and others have brighter, saturated colors. If you prefer old maps, we carry several antique-styled maps – check the publication dates if you need a map from a particular time. You’ll have finishing options for each map. You can choose a paper map, laminated map, mounted map, framed map and spring roller mas. All of our maps are finished by-hand using high-quality materials at our Shop in Charlotte, NC. All maps can be laminated and used with dry-erase markers or mounted on foam core, which allows you to use map pins to mark the map. If you don’t see the map you’re looking for, click here to contact us. If we don’t have it, our cartographers on staff can make it for you.