A Map Shop? It must be a mob front! We’re not a front…but that’s definitely what a mob front would say. Anyway, moving on…

Our goal is simple. We create maps that inspire adventure, connect us to our memories, and offer a better understanding of the world. You may be wondering – why do I need a map when I can use GPS? Oh, buddy, we’ve heard that question a thousand times and we even have a blog post talking all about it!

We’re a group of geographers, cartographers, designers, and travelers. We’re not a cold warehouse, we’re real people in Charlotte, NC who love what they do. Our interests are varied but we’re more alike than different. We’re all a little weird, we all hungry to explore, we’re ok with risk, we do what we say, we seek elegant solutions, and we actively make our workplace fun.


Andy Reynolds
Operations Manager

He’s been here since almost the beginning (20 years!). Andy is our resident map encyclopedia with all answers you need!

Audra Funiciello
Shipping Specialist

She’s as wicked with a tape machine as a guitar. Audra definitely knows how to keep everyone in good spirits…even when its 90 degrees in the back!

Ethan Kurtz
Master Cartographer

Eat. Sleep. Map.

Danny Seckel
Raised Relief Production

He makes our raised relief maps and is trying to get people to call them “4-D” maps.  Claiming the fourth “D” is for Danny. So far nobody is willing to do so unironically.

Katy freeman
Purchasing + Stocking

Everything is awesome!

Mariana Dorbecker
Marketing Guru

You can find her at the nearest taco truck. Shout out to the Peeps!

Matt Davis
Warehouse Manager

I’m not nearly as cool as the tattoos make me look. But I am as skinny as my tight pants make me look.

Mike Posney
Production + Fulfilment

You always know when Mike enters the room! He has a great smile and personality! Mike wrote this.

Sarah Silva
Graphic Designer

People say that I have a small zoo at home…and with 11 and counting…they might be right!

Tony Rodono

Spreadsheets + Numbers = Happiness