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Wall Maps of Large US Cities

The maps on this page are our hand-picked choice for the best wall map for a given city. To qualify, the map must show every street, all major points of interest like schools, parks, airports and hospitals. But most importantly, the map must be large enough so that all the text on the map is legible. Most maps are about 4 by 6 feet. That can be a challenge in today's cities where urban planners are encouraging high-density housing.
Note that they all come standard with multiple finishing options. Each map is fully laminated so that you write on the surface with a dry erase marker and wipe it off. You can also special order them on a spring-roller so they roll up when you're done with them. Or if you want to put pins in the map, we can mount it on an oversized foam-core mounting. But be aware that we crate it and ship that version by truck due its size. Otherwise, our standard shipping method is Fedex Ground because we can roll up the map and ship it in a sturdy triangular box.
Washington 50 mile Radius MapWashington DC 50 Mi ADC 39x27
Washington DC 50 Mi ADC 39x27
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