All You Need To Know Gift Guide

Are you shopping for an adventure lover? If you answered “yes” you are obviously a generous person and it’s not surprising that you have cool adventure loving people in your life. But knowing what to get somebody can be a daunting task.  We are here to help.Check out some of our gift ideas that any not-to-weary traveler would be thrilled to receive.

Most Popular World Maps

The Map Shop is proud to have the largest selection of world wall maps. It’s your world so give it to whoever you want Choose your favorite color schemes, labeling, projections, and more! We carry a number of executive-style world maps with subtle earth tones fit for an office, mancave, den, or workshop.

Unless you lived under a rock throughout the entirety of your formative years, you’re no doubt well-acquainted with world maps. They’re an absolute staple within our schools, ideal for teaching students about the makeup of the world – its scope, the appearance of our continents, how our countries are divided, and how everything fits together. But maps aren’t just great in the classroom they give any room they are in instant class! –Gift someone the world! World Maps are an essential tool for anybody who’s interested in geography, travel, or history. Plus, they make pretty great- classy décor!

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Unique Wall maps

If you prefer old maps, we carry several antique-styled maps for a classy look. Many maps present other data sets like climate, bird migration, and even mythical monsters! For most world wall maps, you can pick the finish that best suits your needs and budget.

Finishes include: a paper map, laminated map, mounted map, railed map, framed map, and spring roller maps. All of our maps are finished by hand using high-quality materials at our Shop in Charlotte, NC.

Raised Relief Maps

Do you have a map lover that you are shopping for? Are you looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for them? Might we suggest a Raised Relief map. While we love all maps at The Map Shop, we think our selection of raised relief maps are pretty cool..or should I say “hot”?

We are the only place in the United States that actually makes these three dimensional maps by individually heat molding substrate to molds creating truly awesome interactive, touchable, conversation starting, nostalgia inducing pieces of art. Check out our selection of raised relief maps and find the gift that will make your map lover’s day extra dimensional!

Custom Maps

Maps are more than just tools you’re expected to take on a road trip or an unfamiliar hike. They can be a visual touchstone of the places that hold personal significance – Showcase that important place with a custom map. Traveler maps, city maps, USGS markers, and more are all up for grabs in a variety of colors, fonts, and overlays so they’re as unique as the person set to receive them!

A custom map can tell a story of where you have been or where you want to go. It can be a great gift for someone or a unique piece of art for yourself! With a variety of styles and sources at our fingertips, we can make a map that fits any need! A custom designed map is a gift that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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Folding Travel Maps

Once upon a time, phones were used for one thing: talking to people. The rise of smartphones totally changed that, and now we use them for everything including, yes we are aware, instantly accessing maps and  GPS navigation. But these hand held devices do have their limits.  Batteries don’t last forever and what if you find yourself in a place that lacks reliable cell service?

You’re out of luck – a serious, scary issue when traveling in an unfamiliar place. That’s why it’s critical to also always carry a “never runs out of power” “100 percent coverage” analog folding map on all your adventures. Get a few for yourself or your loved ones, and you’ll always have peace of mind that they’ll always be able to find their way, GPS or not. 

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Nautical Charts

For hundreds of years one of the most romanticized modes of travel has been sailing on the water.If you know someone who is “married to the sea” or just loves the occasional boating adventure, a NOAA and NGA charts would be their perfect gift. Whether they are hobbyist boaters or pro captains- these up-to-date charts will get them from point A to point B in ship shape. A chart does not rely on electricity or strong cell signals to lead the way. Gift that special nautical someone in your life a NOAA chart – it’s a boat time you did.

Recreational boaters and professional captains get peace of mind by having up-to-date paper charts onboard. All of our charts are available on fine bond paper or on waterproof paper if you plan to use them onboard. But NOAA charts aren’t just for functional use – they make great decor too! We can mount and frame any chart, making it the perfect piece for beach or lake houses, offices, and any waterscape you want to showcase. The intricate detail and clean style can fit into almost any decor. If you need help tracking down your chart, please click HERE for our interactive map!  


Personal taste is just that: personal. We each have our specific likes and dislikes, some preferring loud and busy while others would much rather go for something subtle and minimalistic. Yet there is something nearly all of us can agree on – globes just naturally look right at home in an office or study.

They always lend an air of sophistication and elegance, regardless of whether the space tends more classic and dark or light and airy. Let’s face it if someone has a globe you WILL go over and give it a spin. They are the original interactive map and never go out of style. Globes “They are great to have a round!”

Historic Maps

Looking for a gift to give the history buff in your life? How about a historical map? Whether it’s a map of their ancestral homeland or a map that captures a particular period in history that resonates with your special someone, a historical map is a great way to display not only a meaningful place, but also a time that is important to them. Historical maps are snapshots of the past that make the perfect present!

City Prints Map Art

Think of maps for a second. They’re practical, utilitarian, and serve a specific navigational need. However, maps don’t have to always be about the pragmatic stuff. Maps can also make a powerful decorative statement as well. The Map Shop has a wide variety of specially designed artistic map prints that put a greater emphasis on representational aesthetics over the practical navigation duties of most maps. Feed your travel addiction while still outfitting your space in something beautiful. Here at the Map Shop, we have over 1200 graphic map prints – from stylized college campus maps to those of military bases, wine regions, cityscapes, and more – Gift a funky cool stylized map that will mean something special to your someone special.

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Personalized Maps

So you’re looking for a gift for that traveler in your life. You want to get them a map that will remind them of that special trip they took, or the adventure they are planning on taking in the future. But you want to make this gift “just for them” No problem- Let The Map Shop build them a custom map – that we personalize just for them.

Our personalized map collection brings the best of our custom cartography and that touch of your personal stories to life. Choose between 4 different map styles, 4 different badge designs, and lets you personalize text directly on to the map. Maps are great, but your custom map is even better.

Travel Guides

World travelers are a bit of a different breed from the average person. They tend to be more spontaneous, more adventurous, and curious. What better way to foster their wanderlust than by gifting the travel-lover in your life a guide that’ll aid them on their voyage?

Available in both state and international varieties, they are a great source of information about restaurants, museums, attractions, hotels, shops, and more in a given area and can help anyone plan the trip of a lifetime. Know someone who’s just starting on their quest to see the world? Gift them our United States National Parks to get them started on the right foot.