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Floor Globes

We carry a large selection of floor globes for the classroom, home, or office. We’ve curated the perfect list of globes that are always up-to-date. Our floor globes are all manufactured in the United States with impeccable craftsmanship using the latest technologies in globe fabrication and cartography. All our floor globes are built with high-quality materials but there is a range of price points based on the size, height, and types of woods & metals used. While the styles below are the most popular, we may have other styles available to perfectly match your decor. Contact us for details. Globes are the perfect addition to any space – they give you opportunities to teach your children, they offer a handy resource you can reference quickly, and they provide classy and timeless decor to your classroom, home or office. Please click here to contact us if you need help choosing your perfect globe.

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