Globes are the perfect addition to any space –They are a handy resource you can reference quickly. Globes provide timeless decor to your classroom, home or office. We’ve curated the perfect selection of globes that are always up-to-date and made from quality materials that will last for years.

Why Globes?

Globes have been “A-round” for years because they are the perfect interactive map. Our desk globes are all manufactured in the United States with impeccable craftsmanship using the latest technologies in globe fabrication and cartography. Check out our selection below and get your globe on!


Our Selection


Maps and globes are the two best solutions we have for learning about the Earth, how it’s pieced together and where everything lies in relation to one another. However, they’re far from identical, each with some key distinguishing attributes that make them better in some ways and worse than others. 

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