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Yellowstone National Park: Introductory Traveler’s Guide

When you hear the words ‘national park,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s images of a cartoon, business casual (sans pants because, of course) anthropomorphic bear and his bowtie-wearing son stealing park visitor picnic baskets – that’s valid. Pretty sure that’s where most folks’ heads go, and should anyone disagree, they’re […]

How to read a map? The art of navigation and topo maps


Technology has brought advancement in many aspects of our life, so much so that some skills have been completely replaced by advanced technology. Map reading skills have been replaced by GPS and google maps. However, these skills are still very important because they fill in where GPS and Google maps have failed; for instance when […]

Top Ten Travel Safety Tips You Should Know

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a newbie with a serious case of wanderlust, it’s easy to give into the moment and throw caution to the wind. It may feel great at first, but you’ll probably come back down to earth fast when things inevitably go south. It’s better to avoid this altogether and this […]

How to Create a Watercolor Map with a Clipping Mask in Illustrator

Maps have many purposes. One of the main reasons people come looking for a map is to decorate a space. People want something to represent their travels, show them the world or simply bring some color into their lives. Graphic design is a very crucial part of the map-making process. We work with color, graphics, […]