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What You Need to Know About Raised Relief Maps

Topographical and terrain maps are an essential way to record and aid in the traversal of the world around us. They give us a birds-eye view of everything from valleys to streams to huge manmade landmarks, ensuring that elevation and land shape won’t unwittingly take us by surprise. But as helpful as they can be, […]

A Day in the Life of a Cartographer

When people think of cartographers, the odds are they’re not thinking of our era filled with satellite technology, smartphones, web programming, and our collective good friend Google. Instead, their minds most likely jump straight to a far earlier piece of our history, a time when kings ruled, the Earth was still primarily regarded as flat, […]

Nautical Charts and the Basics of Plotting Your Course

Throughout the long, complicated history of the map, it’s gone through several iterations with different duties. While often seen or relegated to little more than a piece of unnecessary classroom décor or a basic tool for memorizing the world’s countries these days, it’s historically played a huge part in travel and exploration, particularly at sea. […]

How to read a map? The art of navigation and topo maps


Technology has brought advancement in many aspects of our life, so much so that some skills have been completely replaced by advanced technology. Map reading skills have been replaced by GPS and google maps. However, these skills are still very important because they fill in where GPS and Google maps have failed; for instance when […]

Are Maps of the World Accurate?

When it comes to maps, it’s probably safe to assume that we’re pretty big fans. In short, we think they’re great. They help us to understand the world around us. They help us plan, travel, explore, and connect with new people, places, and adventures. However, is it best to immediately assume that they are always […]

The Complicated Nature of Map Copyright

Whether you’re well-versed in law or you’re only casually aware of its existence, you probably understand that copyright law is a complex creature. The different areas it covers is vast, the allowances for use are particular, and there’s still plenty that seems up in the air regardless of the law’s comprehensiveness. Maps are one of […]

How to Create a Watercolor Map with a Clipping Mask in Illustrator

Maps have many purposes. One of the main reasons people come looking for a map is to decorate a space. People want something to represent their travels, show them the world or simply bring some color into their lives. Graphic design is a very crucial part of the map-making process. We work with color, graphics, […]