Custom Maps for Decoration

You can buy a map from a lot of different places, but I want to make a map that means something to you. A personalized, custom gift that you can’t get from anywhere. A custom map can tell a story of where you have been or where you want to go. It can be a great gift for someone or a unique piece of art for yourself. As you can see below, we have some personalized maps and art pieces to use as a starting point. Or, if you don’t see exactly what you want, we can make a fully custom map.

Custom Nautical Charts

Choose from numerous nautical charts to start as the base. Cropping, filters, and nautical icons can be included for numerous effects. NOAA has a ton of maps to choose from, which you can find on our site. Find the right chart for you and then we can customize it to make it look like a unique piece of art. We also have international charts by NGA to choose from.

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Heart Divided

Great for weddings or anniversary gifts. Choose two locations. The two colors for each location can be completely customized. Along with the background color as well. A customizable tagline at the bottom can be added with either two names and a date or a quote that means something.

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Single State City Fill

Take any city and place it in the state that it corresponds with or use a city from another state to showcase where you are and where you’re from.

The state, city, and the colors all can be customized to your preference. As seen in the example is a city art of Houston inside of Texas.

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Single State Flag Fill

Take any city/country flag and fill it in the state/country of your choice. Use the same country and flag or mix match to represent where you’re from and where you are now.

Customize the color to make it your own like you see in the sample. If you’re living in Illinois but from California, what better way to combine the two places that you’ve lived.

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Single State Marker

Choose from any state or country and mark your hometown. The background color can be changed to your preference. Also, the colors for the type, quote, and banner can be changed as well.

In this example, we used hearts to signify their roots but we can use any icon you would like.

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US Marker

A great gift for families. Able to mark locations of where your family and friends are located all across the US.

The background color can be changed to your preference. Also, the colors of the symbols and the lines can be completely customized. Come up with a unique tagline or we can go with the classy family name at the bottom.

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Custom USGS Marker

A more personal touch to showcase you or someone you know’s location or hometown. Using USGS Topo maps, we can choose one that will cover the area you need.

Mark a location with one of our customizable icons. Featuring our home or our cabin or anything you can think of.

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World Marker

Similar to the US Marker, this map can showcase journeys all across the world. Show places you’ve visited, places you’ve lived, or places where loved ones are.

The background colors and icons on this can be customized to your preference. Include a travel related quote

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States Connected

Great gift for loved ones who are in another state and you want to show that you guys are still connected no matter the distance. We can go with a quote like the one in the sample or with two names or families.

Choose any state or country to represent. The colors and the icon used to mark the locations can all be customized to your preference.

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Custom City Map

This custom city map is great for anybody. Whether an omage to your hometown or a place you used to live or one for a new city. This city map can be fully customized. To any color, any background, and any area. We can make this look exactly how you had it planned in your head.

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Custom World Travel Map

Great gift for the big traveler in your life. Or a great gift for yourself if you are that traveler. Customize the colors, the size, the finishing option, and the tagline. We can plot the places that you have traveled on there for you or you can get the custom map mounted and use our Moore Map pins to pin them with an added effect.

This particular example was created to a customers exact specifications. And we can do the same for you.

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Fully Custom Alcohol Map

A map that was made to showcase some of the best  drinkeries in Charlotte. This map can be created for other cities. The colors can be fully customizable.

On this map, we have them seperated by wine, whiskey, cocktails, and beer. Each color coded to match the location on the city. On this one, we did 50 locations. But like the title suggests, we can do fully custom maps to depict any area in any style.

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