Custom Maps for Business

We have been making custom maps for businesses around the world since 1996. Our customer list includes a wide range of organizations like Hollywood Studios, Homeland Security, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Domino’s Pizza. We are proud of the strategic advantage we give customers through a variety of market-oriented maps that are tailored to the geography and data that’s most important.

Some of our most common projects include regional maps, territory maps, delivery area maps, congregation maps, location finders, and neighborhood maps. Browse the categories below to explore some examples of our custom work but remember that each map is developed to the specification of the customer, so your maps style and data can vary significantly. Click here to contact us, we look forward to discussing your project!


Territory Map

A territory map can range in coverage anywhere from an entire region to a single city or county.

This example shows sales territories, but this kind of map is also great for business districts, service zones, or any area that you need to distinguish from its surroundings.  Common methods people use to determine their territories are by counties, by zip codes or by census tracts.  These types of maps can help with planning and strategy for a wide range of applications.

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Regional Map

On a regional map, you determine the specific region you need and the detail level you require.

In this example, the customer needed those particular states and just counties and county seats. It could be anywhere from a single metropolitan area to just a couple of states to a many-state region.  We can also add roads, towns, parks, and many other feature… whatever suits your purpose.

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Delivery Map

On a delivery map, you have a small area with every street labeled and often an index, either on the map or printed in a companion book.

Most small restaurants have a delivery zone that is a simple radius from their location.  Other times, you will have a defined delivery zone like in this Domino’s example. A delivery map helps with route planning and can greatly increase the efficiency of your drivers.  They also can be used to ensure that you are not delivering to areas that are simply not cost effective to serve.

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Congregation Map

These maps divide up congregations into defined territories that are more easily managed.

They will have every street labeled and other details, such as parks. Because of the need to have every street labeled, a congregation map will often have an inset or two in order to better see your dense towns or neighborhoods. You also have to option of adding territory cards, which are small laminated maps of individual territories.

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Location Finder Map

This is a simple map showing the locations of your business or other points of interest.

These maps are great for visualizing where your locations are in relation to each other. As you can see from this example, we can customize the style however you want to make the map not just functional, but decorative as well.

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Neighborhood Map

This type of map focuses in on an even smaller area than a delivery map, all the way down to a single neighborhood.  Perfect for a localized outreach group. Certain types of local businesses can be highlighted, such as groceries or health clinics as on this example.  With such a small area of focus, the map can have a very different, more localized feel.

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