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Travel the World? Study Geography? Love Maps?

These push-pin maps are perfect to help you mark the most important locations simply and easily! 

The Map Shop is proud to have the largest selection of wall maps on the internet. These wall maps can be used to make design statements and provide practical reference. They come in varied geography, styles, and sizes and come in a variety of finishing options. Push-Pin maps are all mounted to foam core which gives you the ability to use pins to mark locations on your map! 

Best Selling World Maps

Gall Orthographic World Map

What is a Gall Orthographic Map?

The Scottish cartographer James Gall published a scientific paper that included an image of his Gall Orthographic Projection in 1885. This idea was revolutionary at the time because it’s an equal area projection that shows countries in the proper size and proportion to each other.

Many popular modern maps continue to show large distortions in country size. For example, Greenland and Africa appear to be the same size on the Mercator projection, when in fast Africa is 14x larger than Greenland.

Our map was plotted using Gall’s math then expertly designed to create the most legible version of this projection available. The map includes a relief layer that displays changes in topography and even ocean floor depths. 

Best Selling US Maps

Push Pins

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Finishing Options for Push-Pin Maps

(Foam Core)

Paper maps are printed then laminated with 1.7mil-thick satin lamination onto 1/4″-thick foamcore. You can use map pins, stickers, or wet-erase markers with our mounted maps.


First, we laminate the map onto foamcore then we mount wood rails at the top and bottom of the map. The front side of each rail is finished with a black or walnut finish. The sides and back are unfinished. Sawtooth hardware is fixed to the back of the top rail. Use map pins, stickers, or wet-erase markers on your maps.


Maps are laminated onto foam core then secured into the frame. The engineered molding is made from recycled wood in either a black or walnut-finish. Most map moldings are 2″ x 3/4″ but maps 24″ x 36″ and under use a 1.25″ wide molding. You can use map pins, stickers, or wet-erase markers on all our framed maps.

Great value!

The map, frame, and shipping was less than an unframed map in any of the stores. It arrived beautifully framed with picture wire, ready to hang. This is a fantastic family run business in Charlotte, NC that is professional in every way.

Great store

Hard to find stores like this anymore. They have tons of inventory on-site, but can also print and special order other options.  Glad I found this place.

A lot of variety

We ordered a world map for our missionaries board at church. It was exactly as it looked on the web. Also very happy with the quick delivery! Would recommend this company! They have a lot of variety also!

Honest customer service

I ordered a large, mounted wall map from the online store as a birthday present. The Map Shop has a great product that allows beautifully printed maps to be economically mounted for display on any wall of your choosing.

Happy with my purchase

So helpful, customer service at its finest.  Price wise, they beat the other companies I contacted and had a much better selection as well.

Really unique

The perfect gift for everyone on your list. Their selection of maps and other pieces make finding a unique gift a breeze. To top it off there friendly staff are always helpful with questions and offering suggestions.

We have even more maps than this! As the largest distributor of maps on the internet, we can find or make exactly what you need. Almost all our maps can be made a push-pin make so the possibilities are endless.

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