Thanks Mom!

You know how Mother’s Day always seems to sneak up on you. Well, not this year! Mom’s big day is just around the corner and The Map Shop has put together a selection of unique Mother’s Day gift options that will resonate more than the last-minute card & bouquet you got her last time.

She carried you in her womb for 9 months … spend more than 9 minutes on getting her a gift!


Many of us have left the nest and no longer live in the same city as our Mom – Let us custom design a Heart Map for you.  Showcase your mom’s and your city side by side encased in a heart. Choose your colors and even personalize the text. 

 Map how your love for mom transcends physical distance! It is simple and easy to get a personalized map that will mean the world to the one who loves you most! 


Heart Line Map



Lots of us have siblings that are spread out all over the globe and no longer live in the same city as our Moms – Let us custom design a Heart Line Map for your family. Show how, despite the distance, your family is connected by love

Make it personal – Choose the locations specific to your family – and even customize the map’s text. 


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Great value!

The map, frame, and shipping was less than an unframed map in any of the stores. It arrived beautifully framed with picture wire, ready to hang. This is a fantastic family run business in Charlotte, NC that is professional in every way.

Great store

Hard to find stores like this anymore. They have tons of inventory on-site, but can also print and special order other options.  Glad I found this place.

A lot of variety

We ordered a world map for our missionaries board at church. It was exactly as it looked on the web. Also very happy with the quick delivery! Would recommend this company! They have a lot of variety also!

Honest customer service

I ordered a large, mounted wall map from the online store as a birthday present. The Map Shop has a great product that allows beautifully printed maps to be economically mounted for display on any wall of your choosing.

Happy with my purchase

So helpful, customer service at its finest.  Price wise, they beat the other companies I contacted and had a much better selection as well.

Really unique

The perfect gift for everyone on your list. Their selection of maps and other pieces make finding a unique gift a breeze. To top it off there friendly staff are always helpful with questions and offering suggestions.

Still not sure what you want to get your Mom? That’s okay too! We know making that decision can be difficult because you want the present to be just right. We have a whole guide below over how to give the best gifts for those who mean the most!

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