Unique & Interesting Maps

This section includes a range of maps on topics that wouldn’t fit in any other category. A large part of the category is filled with space-related maps, like star charts, moon maps, universe maps, and info-graphics of other planets. Then we get to the truly unique and interesting maps that cover a variety of topics like mythical monsters, soccer, sea life, and even coffee! The maps in the section are specific, detailed, interesting, colorful and easy-to-read; all the qualities of a good map. We enjoy functional maps but we also enjoy carrying a range of unique maps that enlighten and entertain. Decorate with eccentric maps and bring some personality to your space or use them in the office or classroom to provide a better understanding of the topic. Order them on paper or we can mount and frame too. Contact us if you can’t find the unique map that you’re looking for and we’d be happy to help.

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