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2021 Best Gifts for the (Not So Weary) Traveler

Gift-giving is fun and exciting. There’s something special about watching someone unwrap an item you picked out with just them in mind. But it isn’t always the easiest undertaking, regardless. Knowing what to get somebody can be daunting, and tracking down just the perfect item is often even more difficult during the holiday rush. Struggling […]

New Zealand Travel Guide

There are some locales that nearly everyone considers the quintessential travel stops for any seasoned wanderlust sufferer. The UK, France, Italy – those all certainly make the list. Meanwhile, somewhere like New Zealand doesn’t get brought up nearly as often, but it should. Whether you’re a backpacking pro or someone just looking to see the […]

What You Need to Know About Raised Relief Maps

Topographical and terrain maps are an essential way to record and aid in the traversal of the world around us. They give us a birds-eye view of everything from valleys to streams to huge manmade landmarks, ensuring that elevation and land shape won’t unwittingly take us by surprise. But as helpful as they can be, […]

2021 Introductory New York City Travel Guide

Ask nearly anybody around, and they’ll tell you there’s nowhere else in the world quite like New York City. A melting pot of countless people and traditions, a major cultural center, and a place where creativity and potential are well-rewarded, there’s certainly something a little magical about the city.  But if it’s your first time […]