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2021 Introductory New York City Travel Guide

Ask nearly anybody around, and they’ll tell you there’s nowhere else in the world quite like New York City. A melting pot of countless people and traditions, a major cultural center, and a place where creativity and potential are well-rewarded, there’s certainly something a little magical about the city.  But if it’s your first time […]

5 Ways to Use Maps for Education

As we’ve recently established, maps make for great aesthetic choices. They can be used to decorate your walls, make furniture more visually interesting, and can create some genuinely cool accessories for any home. But at their roots, maps are unique educational tools, giving us a birds-eye view of our world in all its grand, messy, […]

A Day in the Life of a Cartographer

When people think of cartographers, the odds are they’re not thinking of our era filled with satellite technology, smartphones, web programming, and our collective good friend Google. Instead, their minds most likely jump straight to a far earlier piece of our history, a time when kings ruled, the Earth was still primarily regarded as flat, […]

Italy: Everything You Need to Plan Your Trip

Italy: the home delicious pizza and pasta, beautiful language, even more, beautiful people, and ridiculously confusing streets that require a quality map. You can’t find a much better location for a relaxing yet exciting vacation, especially now that the weather’s warm and people are ready to travel once again.  Any trip to the country is bound […]

10 Awesome US Road Trips That Shouldn’t Be Missed

Road trips have long been an American staple, giving a feeling of freedom and fun that few other forms of vacationing can top. They’re endlessly flexible and customizable, as long or short, involved or straightforward, expensive or cheap as you want it. That gives them a massive plus in our book. However, this open-endedness does […]