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The round pin heads are exaggerated in size to better illustrate the colors. Actually, the map pin heads come in 3 sizes 1/8", 3/16's and the 1/4" large heads . Here is a picture to give you a rough idea of the map pin colors and all the variety available. The size is greatly exaggerated
We stock virtually all the map tacks (and flags & pennants) in a myriad of  colors and sizes. We even have numbered pins.  These pictures  show you the sizes and colors of pins and flags we stock. This plethora of colors only applies to the 100 series. The 200 series (with 1/8" heads) do NOT come in metallic colors or any of the purple colors. (the flags & pennants come in White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange and Black)  Or see the wide variety of wall maps we carry. Many of these wall maps carry our new Martin Mount option which means they come ready to hang with a foam core backing to accept map pins. We even have framed World Maps that accept these pins. Your map pin orders entered by 2pm Eastern time and specified to ship overnight will go out the same day!! We are one of Moore Map Tack's premier dealers so we probably have more pins and a greater variety in stock that most of our competitors.
We are super-easy to deal with. If you want to just call us and place your order by phone you can do that too.  800-532-6675



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  If you need numbered pins, which come 25 to a box,  we have those too. (up to number 500) Just click the "Numbered Heads" link  and you will see a list of all available colors on numbered heads. The  table to the left has the pin diameters and shank lengths
100 Series 3/16" 5/16" 100 $4.95 Order regular head Map Pins

-Large World Maps
-Framed World Maps
-Framed US Maps
-World travels Maps

All maps mounted and ready to accept pins.
(also available with "World Travels of" personalized insignia)

200 Series  1/8" 5/16"  100 $6.45 Order small head Map Pins
400 Series 1/4" 5/16" 50 $7.50 Order large head Map Pins
Gold & Silver pins 3/16"  5/16"  100 $7.50 Order Gold or Silver Map Pins
Numbered Heads





Order Map Pins with numbers Click here to go to our world travels page and see all the maps we sell mounted and ready to display pins showing all your world travel destinations
Flags & Pennants

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 Inventory is usually as of close of business on the previous day.

Both the 100 series and the 200 series come with a choice of "assorted colors". These are a totally random assortment of 12 colors. If you need to control the colors in your assortment of map pins, it is best to buy several boxes.  When considering pin colors, think about the background color of the map. Will the pin color contrast nicely with the map? Also, be sure to plan ahead with regard to the number of pins that might be in one area of the map. Often, you will be using the pins to track the number of customers or clients you have in certain cities. The problem comes in where all the pins are in the cities and none are in the countryside. This is where map scale comes into play. Look for a map that has a big scale or has insets for large cities where your pins may tend to cluster. This way you can put the pins in the inset and see a better distribution pattern. Another way to solve this problem is to use pins with a smaller head size. That is why some people insist on buying the 200 series pins even though they are more expensive.

Actually, map pins aren't just for maps. Art galleries buy pins with numbered heads to identify artists work. Planners use map pins on schematics to identify key tasks in a project.

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