NOAA Chart 12372

Here is NOAA Chart 12372 covering Long Island Sound- Watch Hill to New Haven Harbor
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12372 Long Island Sound- Watch Hill to New Haven Harbor





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See chart 12372

We have been chosen by NOAA as a certified Print On Demand dealer. It means that after 4/14/2014 when NOAA will no longer print charts, we continue to print the charts on our hi-res plotter; with accurate colors and scale. The high resolution of our plotter, the quality of the files we receive from NOAA and the fine bond paper we use all combine to make a product that most people would be hard-pressed to differentiate from the charts NOAA had printed on a printing press. It hs the same size and same colors. Starting 4/14, we will fulfill most orders with our plotted charts. If you have a concern or question about our plotted charts please call. If you absolutely have to have one of the old charts, please indicate that in the order comments. We still have some leftover and will be happy to meet your request if possible. If this is urgent, call us at 800-532-6675. We will be happy to take your order over the phone.  Double-click on the map to zoom in or use the controls at the bottom off the chart.
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