new york and long island sound noaa chart index.  whether you live in nyc or the north shore or the south shore of long island, this is your index map for all the available noaa charts. as you can see this includes the connecticut shore too! the rectangles tell you the map number. red is a small coastal chart, green indicates a strip chart for the intercoastal waterway, and purple indicates a large chart.  use this chart number when placing your order or click on the actual chart # to see availability,and a detailed description. then add it to our shopping cart. 

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see the detailed map for all the new york harbor charts noaa chart 12434 noaa chart 12347 noaa strip chart 12324 noaa chart 12323 noaa chart 12323 12363 noaa chart 12326 12367 12368 noaa strip chart 12364 noaa chart 12366 noaa chart 12365 noaa chart 12369 noaa strip chart 12364 noaa chart 12362 port jeff noaa chart 12370 noaa chart 12371 noaa chart 12373 noaa strip chart 12372 noaa chart 12374 noaa chart 12358 chart 12378 noaa chart 12375 noaa chart 12353 noaa strip chart 12352 large noaa chart 12354 large noaa chart 12354 noaa chart 13213 noaa chart 13214 noaa 13209 noa 13205 noaa strip chart 12372 12300

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