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Pull Down Classroom Maps One of the most common features of a classroom map is it's ability to "pull down". This started because wall space is at a premium in the typical classroom; especially those rooms where one whole wall is windows. Having a map on a spring-roller like this really adds to the complexity. You'll find a list of the challenges presented by a pull-down map and our suggestions on how to deal with them.

Mounting: a pull down map requires a much more robust connection to the wall. see our page on mounting classroom maps..

Occasional roller maintenance: After a number of pulls.. inevitably, the spring loses some of its' tension and the darn map won't roll back up. See our special page on how to rewind a spring roller

Ways to handle two maps on the same roller: There are two basic ways to put 2 maps on one roller. You can stack them and pull the map half way down for one map and all the way down for the other. Or you can affix two sheets to the roller. but with that system, you have to make sure that one map is falling behind the other when you pull the map down.

Other ways to put multiple maps in the space of one map: You can mount a rack on the wall and hang up to 8 maps on it.

How to handle 2-sided maps: You have to slide the map and roller assembly out of the map mounting and flip it over. Then when you pull it down, you'll see the the back of the map instead of the front.

Digital map alternatives: We offer a variety of alternatives to pull down maps. There's the eMapshop, eBooks (early digital atlas) and the Perthes Digital World Atlas.

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