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Combination Maps for the Classroom

We carry lots of different combinations of classroom maps on one spring roller. The most popular is a World map and a US map on one roller. There are two basic types of classroom combination maps. There are 2 sheets on one roller and you flip the op sheet behind if you need the map beneath. Then there's the "stacked" map style. You pull the map halfway down to see the first map and all the way down to see/unroll the second map. either way, it's like getting 2 maps for the price of one! We can even sell you a rack to mount multiple spring roller maps.
Just click any map to see an enlargement or place an order. We can even sell you a rack to mount multiple maps. If you don't see your state listed here, call us at 800-532-6675 and we will gladly make a custom map for your state that meets your state curriculum or the common core to a tee!. (in quantities of 5 or more)
If you need more than one map, please check our combination maps page. You'll save money buy purchasing 2 maps on one roller or a 2-sided map.
•click on the map to see a CLOSE-UP and more info.
•See the Spring Roller Mounting page
•See all our other Mounting Options, ready for pins
•get help and advise on classroom maps
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